Sausalito, California

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

"O Say Can You See"
Friday night we headed to the Sea Dogs game in Portland to hear Waterboro Elementary School kids sing the National Anthem before the game.  They did a great job and were so cute!  It definitely was a hot evening for the last day in May but fun.  I was looking around to try and find my husband because he didn't know where I was sitting as he was waiting for all the kids and teachers to arrive since he had their tickets and look who I saw!  See below....

Enjoying the game
My sister Connie and her husband Russ were there watching the game too!!  I was sitting between homeplate and 3rd base and they were sitting between homeplate and 1st base--so they were across from us.  It was a fun evening and below are some more pictures of the game with events for kids inbetween innings and Slugger singing his rendition of "Take me out to the Ball Game".  By the way, the Sea Dogs won!!!  Yeah!!

Slugger having fun

Batter Up
Running the bases with Slugger

Nice Welcome


  1. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing those pictures! Didn 't someone say you can't go anywhere without seeing a cook family member! I think it's true!,

  2. We had great fun at the game. Too hot,though. The kids did a great job singing The National Anthem.