Sausalito, California

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend Fun!!

This past weekend my sisters, their husband, me and my husband had some fun this past weekend "junkin".  It is a term that we use because it is looking for things that are antiques but garage sale prices.  We head to Detroit, Maine (I didn't know there was a Detroit, Maine)  The name of this place is called Roller Rink Antique Mall and they had some fun stuff there.  My husband loves the "The Three Stooges" so I had to take a pictures of them.  We then had lunch at "The Eagle's Nest and then headed to Bangor to check out some other places.  I saw a lot that I liked but I am always thinking of where to put things and my house is full.  I love the idea of repurposing so I was looking for frames that I can use in my craftroom for my dies.  I have a couple already that I have put magnetic canvas on and my dies are easy to grab when I need them.  We headed home after Bangor and stopped in Augusta for another shop.  Connie bought a head planter which is beautiful and it was only $18.  I think that was the bargain of the day because we have seen them at Brimfield for $100 or more.  Just a few pictures of some of the other stuff we thought was  fun! Fun weekend for sure!!

Love the busts!

And it works!
The guys!
Deal of the day!


  1. What fun! I loved the 3 Stooges!!! Love Junkin!

  2. We gotta go back. I had a ball. Absolutely love my planter head. It is in my living room right now but out she goes when the warm weather shows up. I want to go to the ice cream store again, too. And Longfellow's nursery. Never been there. Isn't it close to the ice cream store?