Sausalito, California

Monday, June 30, 2014

Beautiful Wedding, Beautiful Couple

Last weekend was my nephew's, Nathaniel and his fiance, Kristin's Wedding day!  It was a gorgeous day and the setting was at the York Harbor Inn in  York, Maine.  It was a gorgeous wedding and a beautiful setting!!  The Wedding was on Sunday, June 22nd at 4 pm.  My sister's grandson, Ezra, was the ring-bearer and he was so adorable.  He did a fantastic job, taking care of those wedding rings.  He had them in a treasure chest!!  This is his third wedding in 2 years, he has become a professional!!  The colors of the wedding were brown (chocolate) and teal, so beautiful! We were so happy to share this beautiful day with them!! Just lovely!!  Happy Wedding Day to Nathaniel and Kristin Wallace! See you after your honeymoon!  They were off to Jamaica Monday morning bright and early!

Ring Bearer and the Flower Girl

My sister, Connie and her husband, Russ
Mr & Mrs Nathaniel Wallace
The Wedding Cake

Me and my siblings

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  1. Your pictures are fabulous! It was a beautiful day! It is always wonderful to get the family together! They really did make a beautiful couple!