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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

National Park Trip

Last week, my husband and I got back from a fantastic trip with friends visiting Zion National Park, Grand Canyon North Rim and Bryce Canyon National Parks.  It was amazing!!  We started out in Las Vegas and took a bus tour with Road Scholar and headed to Zion National Park first.  I sprained my ankle about 2 weeks before we left so I had to be careful with the hikes  but I really didn't miss out on much, just some early morning hikes that my husband did so I saw his beautiful sunrise pictures of each of the parks.  Pictures below are from the first hike we did, hiking up to Emerald Pools.
Headed up to Emerald Pool

Emerald Pools

Petersens & Elas
Sunrise on Zion mesa!
Checkerboard Mesa in background
After leaving Zion National Park and having a wonderful time, we arrived in the North Rim of Grand Canyon.  Again another amazing National Park.  We stayed in cabins which so cool, no TV but not needed as Road Scholar kept us busy with hikes and nature walks.  Both Mark and I were taking pictures like crazy.  The Grand Canyon Lodge, where we ate, was right on the side of the Grand Canyon. Views at dinnertime were exquisite!

Grand Canyon Lodge
 The Grand Canyon Lodge is 8100 feet in altitude which sometimes you had to watch your exercise such as hiking and when you were at this level.  The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is less popular than the South Rim.  The North Rim is 1000 feet higher than the South Rim.  The South Rim has more visitors and has become much more touristy.  Check out the cabins that we stayed in the picture below.  The cabins reminded me of Lincoln Log Cabins, very cute!

The morning, we left for Bryce National Park we walked out to Angel Point for sunrise pictures of the Grand Canyon. Below are some awesome pictures. These were such gorgeous and unbelievable pictures of the Canyon.  I think between my husband me, we took about 500 pictures. We headed back to the bus for a bus ride to our last National Park at Bryce.  I will have to add pictures of Bryce National Park because I think this blog post is getting a little long.  There are just so many pictures to share.  Check back later for more pictures.
Early morning Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

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  1. Wow! The pictures look fabulous! It looks like you guys had fun!