Sausalito, California

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lucky Owl

With only 10 days or so left before St Patrick's Day, I thought I better get started with at least one card for the holiday since I am Irish/English.  I haven't used my Season of Friendship stamp set from Stampin up so why not cover it with 4-leaf clovers! They kinda look like green flowers but really they are 4-leaf clovers!  I know they are because I cut out 12 of them. I am now cross-eyed from cutting out something so small!  I used confetti 4-leaf clover to put on the owl's chest.  I was going to use the confetti on the tree (would have been easier) but I didn't like the look. Then I used some green glitter for bling. Those punch owls are so darn cute from SU-can't get enough of them. 


  1. I love this owl. The vest is so cute for the wearing of the green. Cute.. cute ..

  2. Wow! This owl is adorable! Ilove this card to celebrate ST. Patty! Cute, cute!