Sausalito, California

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh Baby!

Congratulations to Jill and Rob!  My niece and her husband are expecting a "little one" April 1st, 2012!  I have wanted to make this card for almost a month since they told us but just now have gotten around to do it.  I remembered seeing this punch art pregnant lady on SC a while ago and thought this would be great card to  congratulate them.  Check out Ellen Kemper's blog for a list of all the punches she used. The only change I did was that I had a hand punch.  It was fun putting her together!  Thanks Ellen! Love your work!


  1. Love,love this card! What a perfect card for Jill & Rob~ They will love it! Nice job!

  2. Great card. I love the punch art on the woman's hair and face.. Jill will love it..