Sausalito, California

Friday, July 20, 2012

Brimfield Trip

My good friend, Mary, has been trying for years to get me to go to Brimfield, Massachusetts to their flea market/antiques/yard sale that is in May, July and September every year.  She has been going for years and always tells me about the wonderful things that she finds there.  This year, my sisters and I have been going "junkin" on weekends to places here in Maine.  We decided to expand our territory to New England and Brimfield seemed like the next logical place to go.  Mary gave me things for my birthday that we would need for the trip. Some of the items she said was needed was ponchos, water bottle, measuring tape, magnifying glass, and hat.  All things were in the bag that she gave me and more!!! Check out my pictures!  It was the coolest gift. 

When we arrived at Brimfield  it was amazing.  More than 5,000 vendors are usually there but in July sometimes there are only 3,000 because of the heat.  It was hot!!  But there was plenty of vendors to see.  More pictures of Brimfield and the treasures that I found!!!  We are all headed there in September and I can't wait!!!

Handsome guy!
Stephen's Place
Russ and Mark are trying to tell us something!
Gorgeous mirrors!
Looks perfect in my garden!
Mozart in my living room!
Another treasure for my deck!


  1. Oh,Wow! You got some great pictures! The wheel looks fabulous! I think the iron basket looks great on your deck! I forgot how great that half moon iron circle looked... Hmmm ...where could i put that ?

  2. What a great trip we had... Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go back... but without the heat. We will be there in September, though. Your treasures look great around the house... Yeah, for "junking".