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Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was August 11th and my sisters gave me a cupcake party! I wanted to share some pictures of the gifts and cards that I received!  It is always great to get together with family. We even got to watch "The Lorax".  Fun film!!!

We decorated the cupcakes ourselves!
Love my new spinner!
Krista's in Cornish, Maine
To make the day complete, I had dinner at Krista's in Cornish with my good friend, Jan!  She picked a perfect place to celebrate.  We ate outside under the umbrellas.  It was a terrific meal!  Need to hurry back to this place for sure.  Check out our meals.  Thanks to all who made my day a happy birthday for sure!!!

Haddock with pistachio crust
Broiled scallops

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  1. Wow! The food at Krista's looks great! Yum! It was a fun day! I loved the Lorax movie!!