Sausalito, California

Friday, July 19, 2013

Day Trip

Today in Maine was so  hot and steamy that my husband and I decided to head downeast for a breeze somewhere!!  We went to Five Islands for their yummy lobster rolls and a beautiful view.  We took our dog,
Gretel, who enjoyed a little ice cream on the trip.  The temperature read from our car 83 at Five Islands which was a lot better than the 95 it read when we got home in Falmouth.
Maine Lobster
View from the wharf
We met some people from Salt Lake City and Los Angeles who are here for the month of July.  They love it here in Maine and I think they told me that they have been coming to Maine for 3 years now.  Gretel was a big hit with them because they missed their 2 dogs which are home.  On the way back home, we stopped at Reid State Park.  I have never been to Reid State Park and wanted to just drive around and see the park before it closed. It is a beautiful park and will have to come back another day to spend the day there. Check out the pictures below of the park.

Turn here for Reid State Park
Beautiful beach
Let's picnic!
When we were going thru Yarmouth and Cumberland, we were behind this guy on his bike.  I think he was headed for the parade in Yarmouth. The Yarmouth Clam Festival starts tonight with a big parade and he was going to participate I'm sure.  It is going to be another hot one tomorrow--So keep cool!!

Heading to the parade start
Big event in Yarmouth, Maine


  1. Wow! That looked like a fabulous Lobster roll!!! Five Islands is beautiful! What a fun way to spend the day. I can't complain....I was in air conditioning all day!

  2. I agree with Chris, that lobster roll looks yummy. I have a hankering now for one. It was the perfect day for a ride near the water. Hope it is cooler today.