Sausalito, California

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Singing Mice Punch art

This is just a quick post on some punch art that I did for a card in a box with singing mice.  Someone asked if I would let them know what punches I used.  I took a picture and here are the punches.

All Stampin Up punches
The ornament punch is the head, the butterfly is the ears, small oval is the mouth, tab punch are the arms and a small circle punch is the nose.  You can use the large and small oval punch for the tail or sometimes a hand cut it myself. 

I hand cut the tooth.  In this picture I glued the arms to the end of the ornament punch since I didn't have anything to glue the arms to such as card in the box or just a plain card.  Just be sure when you cut the book out the it lays flat so that you can put it in a envelope and then I would glue the arms to the book first and then to the card.  Just a little tip.  

Sorry that this took me so long to do this but this spring has been a busy time in the Petersen household just getting spring cleaning, outdoor painting and cleaning up the yard.  Finally, we are getting warmer temperature in the Northeast.  Happy Spring!!

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  1. I love, love your Singing Mice! The are adorable any time of the year!!!