Sausalito, California

Sunday, June 26, 2016

60th Birthday Party

My brother is turning 60 in August but his wife and children are throwing him a surprise party next weekend and his sisters from Maine and Massachusetts are headed to New Jersey to surprise him early!  Hoping he will be surprised!!  I made him this photo "C" for his office. C standing for our last name Cook.  The pictures are when he was a little guy all the way until today!  Added some embellishments like baseball glove with bat since he was a baseball player in high school and college. He was a great catcher for all the teams he played. Also added his age "60" in a couple of places, just so he doesn't forget. Haha! It measures 18 inches x 13 inches, so it is a really a good size "work of art".   Happy Birthday Hal!  Love you much!