Sausalito, California

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Birthday Pocket Letter

Loving these Pocket Letters on Pinterest!  My daughter's birthday is tomorrow so I made her one It is great that I can use Julie Nutting's Prima Doll Stamps too!  I used Lindsey's initials for the middle panels and some school pictures which I have an abundance of!!  The sentiment is in the flap which is in the middle on the right.  Wanted to use some washi tape for the left side but didn't have any that matched.  Gonna look today for some.  It is great that you can use stuff from your stash and paper scraps for this project.  Check out closer pictures below.  Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Closer look
Baby Lindsey


  1. Love your Pocket Letter for Lindsey! Hope she liked it too! Such a cool idea!

  2. Love these pocket letters. It works so well with pictures of the intended recipient. Julie Nutting dolls are perfect for this ... Can't believe she is 29 already.. Love the initials too.