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Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Baskets Galore!

With Easter this weekend, I have been working on Easter Baskets for my daughter and her roommates.  I have made Easter Baskets similar to these with the Envelope Punch Board but I saw these on Pinterest using just one or two pieces of cardstock.  These are good size baskets too! As you can see, they hold the Lindt chocolate bunny and some candies too.   I have decorated them with Gerber Daisies and punch art bunnies and ducks.  These are made with 2 sheets of cardstock measuring 6 x 9 inches and then glued together, overlapping to give the basket some strength but you can make this same basket with one sheet on cardstock measuring 9 x 9 inches.  If you want a larger basket use cardstock measuring 12 x 12.  The scoring for this  basket is below with pictures of each size.  Check out more pictures of my baskets.

Love the purple

Punch art Bunny

Purple & Yellow
Punch art Duck
I hope you can see these pictures of the templates for the baskets.  2 different sizes of Easter baskets to make depending on your gifts/candy.  Another tip which I did in the last few baskets was to round the corners on the sides.  Have fun making these.  Happy Easter!
Overlap for strength
1 piece of cardstock
12x12 cardstock/large basket

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  1. I love your Easter Baskets! Such a cute design! Easter is one of my favorite Holidays and making Easter Baskets is a joy! Thank you for the template!