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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spectacular Yellowstone!

Our trip started at Jackson Hole for a night after we landed in Salt Lake City.  Just a side note, Salt Lake City Airport is beautiful with snow covered mountains surrounding the airport! After leaving Jackson  Hole we headed to the Grand Tetons such a beautiful setting!  The scenery was breath-taking also in Grand Teton National Park, we saw our first moose and elk.  After we left Grand Teton we headed to Yellowstone.  We were excited to see bison and more elk.
Mirror Image
Because the south entrance of Yellowstone was closed we entered the park from the west. Yellowstone is mostly in Wyoming but the north part of the park is in Montana and the southwest is in Idaho.  Idaho, certainly, does have potato fields and I can see why they produce more potatoes than Maine!  We passed a lot of potato fields to get to West Yellowstone.  We headed to Old Faithful Snow Lodge where we stayed for 4 nights but before we checked in, we stopped at Fountain Paint Pot and saw our first mudpot! 

Volcanic Mud Pots


You don't want to test the waters here!  Yellowstone does a great job of posting everywhere not to go off the boardwalks because "this is dangerous ground".  What I found unbelievable is that bison love these areas because it keeps them warm in the winter.  There is evidence of bison everywhere even in the boardwalk!  I took so many pictures - I just couldn't help myself.  Check out some pictures below of some well known places, Old Faithful and Old Faithful Inn, Roosevelt Arch (north entrance) as well as wildfire, bison, bison and more bison! Our friends have been to many National Parks and say that Yellowstone is their favorite and I can see why now!  Thanks for checking in and hope you enjoyed the pictures and it makes you want to visit some National Parks!  My husband and I are already making plans to go back!

Hungry Bison

Most famous Geyer, Old Faithful

Bison walking between the cabins

Old Faithful  Inn
Waterfall into the Yellowstone River
Our National Park companions!
North Entrance
Don't get too close!
Dining at Old Faithful Inn
We can't forget the Elk

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  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks like you guys had a really great trip!