Sausalito, California

Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite at Hollywood Studio

On our second day at Disney, we hit Hollywood Studios (which used to be MGM Studios) and Tower of Terror  is my favorite ride!!!  Cindy and I went on it twice!  The picture shows that they are doing some renovating on the outside but don't hesitate to go on it because it didn't affect the ride at all!  Loved it! I think my second favorite would have to be a tie between Beauty and the Beast and Toy Story.  I loved the songs from Beauty and the Beauty and I liked the fun with Toy Story.  Cindy won the game but I gave her a good run for her money at Toy Story.  Waiting for Toy Story was even fun because it brought back memories of games that we used to play as kids with my siblings.  It was another great day at DisneyWorld.  Tomorrow will be my favorites at Magic Kingdom!!!

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  1. Love your picture of the Beast... Chris and Tom have not gone to this show. I think they will in March, though.. Tower of Terror looks creepy. I think you guys were wicked brave to go on that ride.