Sausalito, California

Sunday, February 13, 2011

First and Last Day at Epcot

The first day and the last day Cindy and I spent at Epcot.  We also spend another afternoon there because there was so much to see and do.  My favorite was the World Showcase but for a ride it would have to be Soarin!  Soarin was the first ride and the last ride that we rode.  I think it also has the best food since you can have pizza in Italy and Fish & Chips in England.  You have to try the Chinese food in China! And don't forget the french pastry! 
Another "cool" thing we did was try some beverages from different countries.  This was at "Club Cool".  You need to try this!  Some very interesting tastes!

Believe it or not!  We saw the Beatles in England! and it was only standing room only!  Unfortunately, we came at the end of their performance but what we heard they were amazingly close to the originals!!!  Just loved it all!!! 


  1. Boy, these pictures are great! Are the Beatles right across from the English fish and chips place? I seem to remember them but the Gazebo is new.... I want to try the new Italian place..looks very cool! Where is Club Cool?

  2. Didn't we have just the BEST time!?!?!? Club Cool is off to the side heading thru Innovations. If you come out of the Soar'in building and go straight.....its on your left!
    Some yummy tasting soda....and one really gross one!! It wouldn't be fair to tell you which one is horrible!!!!

  3. Can't wait to be there. I love Epcot,but now I have some new places to check out..Thanks..