Sausalito, California

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Magic Kingdom - Day 2 and 3

Yes we arrived at Magic Kingdom late afternoon and it had been raining but rain didn't cramp out style.  It actually made it so that we could go on rides and performances without waiting.  We went to WISHES at night and the lights and fireworks were breathtaking!  Cinderella's castle was amazing, every 10 seconds it would change to different colors.  I have a picture of it in Teal.  Can you believe it TEAL!  Who would ever think of that color! 

Casey the Jungle Cruise Captain
My favorite ride at Magic Kingdom has to be the Jungle Cruise because our driver was a comedian.  She was so hilarious!!!  I hope they paid her well because she was outstanding.  One of the passengers asked if she was a "comedian in her previous life".  We tried to get on Space Mountain which I haven't been on since 1979 but it was "out of order" for the day!  Bummer!  But I will return!!!

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  1. Yikes, Space Mountain was "out of order"!!!??? That really makes you want to go on it??? What does out of order mean...?? Broken... Nope, I wouldn't get on that ride, for sure. Tom keeps telling me that I have been on the Jungle ride- But he is wrong! After looking at your pictures- I know I haven't. I can't wait to go!!!