Sausalito, California

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Barrington, NH

Yesterday was a fun day even though it was rainy.  My good friend, Cindy and I went to Calef's Country Store and the Christmas Dove (which is just across the street). Calef's is a quaint country store and reminded me of my grandfather's summer store in Small Point, Maine.  It had the creaky floor boards, the old display cabinets and penny candy!!  There is a little deli in the back of the store and we had our lunch.  Great sandwiches!! It was nice to see that there are still these places around.  Next door to Calef's was a primitive gift shop.  When you walked into the shop, the smell of cinnamon and cider was wonderful!!

Cindy loves this store
Homemade cakes, fudge, and cookies, YUM!
Just to put us in the Christmas mood, across the street was the Christmas Dove.  What a nice shop!  It had everything and more!!  Christmas trees were decorated in every color you could imagine. Definitely something for anyone's home decor.  They also had a line of collectibles that I hadn't seen before called "Patience Brewster".  They were every whimiscal creatures.  I loved their shoes!  They also had some Halloween decorations which were terrific.  Check out some of the pictures.  If you have a chance definitely stop by these shops located in Barrington, New Hampshire.  Cindy and I had so much fun.  Thanks Cindy!!  You know the best shops!!!

A Teal Christmas
Patience Brewster-whimiscal
Cindy got her list in early!
Toys, toys everywhere!
Halloween fun too!


  1. Ooooh.. This looks a fabulous place. The reindeer with sweaters on look very interesting. Never been to Barrington. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Wow! I wanna go! The Halloween guy is icky... really icky.. But I LOVE the Nut cracker!! Was it for sale? Very cool stuff!