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Monday, August 4, 2014

Baby's Bib

Love this cute baby card that I saw on pinterest. It is punch art and it was a quick one!  The inside says "snips and snails and puppy dog tails....."  I went to a baby shower this past weekend and, of course, I waited to the last minute to make a card.  I am loving that mom's-to-be now (mostly) are wanting to know what they are having so it is great to be able to pick the colors.  Emily will be a great mother and she looks wonderful!!

Emily had a cute and adorable helper!!  She was so excited to see all the gifts that Emily opened!  I really enjoyed her reaction to every gift!

Here is the gift that I actually made for the baby!  I knitted a blue baby blanket.  Thank you Cindy Esty for getting me back into knitting.  I made a sweater for my son when he was a baby and it took me years to finish. Obviously, he has never worn it.  I am saving it for his son!!  It was a fun weekend with the baby shower and also Friday my sister, her husband, my husband and I went to Canobie Lake Park and enjoyed fun in the sun on some scary rides and then not so scary rides.  I have never been and I would recommend it.  Lovely setting on beautiful Canobie Lake!  Thanks Connie and Russ for taking us!  Check out some fun below!!

This ride was unbelievable!
View from the top!
Kids ride but loved the display!

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  1. The baby blanket was soooo adorable! Emily loved it! Your card was sweet too!! Wow, looked like a fun day at Canobie Lake! But that ride ....toooo scary!!!!