Sausalito, California

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ninja Turtle Birthday

Happy Birthday to my son, Eric!  His birthday is next week and I hope it will get a kick out of this card when he gets it!!  He loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles growing up and when I saw a card on pinterest with them on it,  I had to make one for Eric.  Instead, I made a "card in a box" card because I don't think I have made one for him yet.  The punches are all from SU.  The head is circle and the large oval punch.  The wrap on their eyes is the tab punch and the small banner punch.   On one side is pizza punch art and the other side is crossed swords.  This type of card worked out perfectly because it looks like the turtles are coming out of the sewer hole.  Behind the turtles is the manhole cover with the initials TMNT!!  Check out some pictures below!  This was a fun card to make!!  Thanks for stopping by!

Closer look at the Turtles and manhole cover!
They loved pizza!
Can't fight without your swords!


  1. I love your turtle power card! Hehehehe!! The turtles are adorable! I am sure Eric will think it is very clever! I love all the Card in a Box card but this one is so cute!

  2. This is a wicked cute card. I love how the eyes seem to follow you.. Eric and his office will love it..