Sausalito, California

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

See you later!

We didn't want to say good-bye to Landyn, so we just say see you later.  Landyn has worked for the other doctor in the same space that I work with Dr. Donnelly.  Because the space is small, we are all very close so both physically and personally.  Landyn is a young mother and we love seeing her daughter's milestones and see her grow.  Landyn graduated from college and is onto full time work as a Medical Assistant.  We are so happy for her.

I love these building block cards and love making them.  Minions are fun!  I have a board on pinterest that is just Minions because they are just so cute plus I thought Landyn's daughter would get a kick out of them.  Punch art is always so fun to do too!  Good luck to you Landyn!!  We love you!!

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