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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Birthday View!

I know it is St Patrick's Day and I am showing a birthday card but I needed to make this card.  It has been half done for a couple of weeks and Julia's birthday is next week.  I usually make St Patrick's Day cards but for some reason just didn't have the time this year.  Such a cool diorama card, so easy and still folds into an envelope easily for mailing!!  Terrific!  This tutorial gives the dimensions for the diorama and is really easy to follow.  There are 3 sections and I decorated each section before putting on the next.  The picture below shows a little angle so you can see the 3 sections better.

Closer look
The back is the lighthouse with rocks, middle section has the waves and the front is the chairs on the sand.  This definitely looks like the coast of Maine and the weather is getting warmer.  We have had the warmest winter since they have been keeping records.  Making this card is definitely giving me spring fever!!  Happy Birthday Julia and Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone!

Back of the card

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