Sausalito, California

Monday, August 21, 2017

Birthday Bowling Ball

Here is the picture of my brother in law's birthday card.  He has taken up bowling this summer along with my sister, Chris and my other sister Connie and her husband, Russ.  Mark and I have gone a few times but they are really the good about going each week.  I have made quite a few double Z fold cards and this one I can add to it.    We celebrated his birthday at a restaurant called Marco's in Lewiston, Maine.  It is a great Italian restaurant - so good!!  Closer look at the card below where you can see Mickey's hand holding the balloons!

Happy Birthday Tom!

Because I turned 62 on August 11th, I was able to get my Senior Pass for the National Parks at $10 before they go up to $80 on August 28th.  Either way, it is still a great deal because it is for a lifetime. But now I have my own!!  We went to the Kangamangus and stopped at the Ranger Station for my pass and they were so great there.  Our trip yesterday consisted of Cog Railway,  Eagle Mountain House,  North Conway Scenic Railway and LL Bean in North Conway!!  Along the way we saw the Mount Washington Hotel.

Beautiful scenery
Mt Washington Hotel nestled in the side of the mountain~

Cog Railway

On their way up to the top!
Coal burning trains use 1 ton per trip!
Eagle Mountain House
North Conway Scenic Railway
Stopped traffic on the way home were these cute ducks!  People had to get out of their cars and move them to the side of the road.  They were about a dozen of them and they were so darn cute!

Together again!


  1. Tom loved his cards! He still has them on display! The Z fold card is fabulous! Great pictures of your trip to the park!

    1. So funny that we all had bowling theme cards in mind for his birthday cards!!

  2. Loved your bowling card. The pictures from your travels are awesome. MIss you guys at our bowling practice.