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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Birthday Boy!

This trifold card is for a friend.  His birthday was on the 14th of August and we celebrated with him hosting a cookout and giving he and his wife a scrapbook album for our trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons this past May.

This paper used on this card and the scrapbook album is from the Simple Stories collection, "Cabin Fever".  The embellishments on this card are from the sticker sheet from SS-Cabin Fever.   I love the picture I used with Dennis at the Paint Pots at Yellowstone.  It looks so eerie with the steam from the mud pots but I love it.

Dennis in a fog
Below are some pictures from the scrapbook that I made for the Elas.  Picking out the pictures for this album was the hardest part of this project because there were so many good ones and so little time and space!  Love making scrapbook or mini albums for people!  Pictures are so much fun!! Check out some of the pages below and thanks for stopping by!

Grand Tetons, mirror images
Bison everywhere
Yellowstone River/Waterfall
Mom & Baby taking a break on the side of the road
Beautiful and very hot springs!

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  1. Love your card! The scrapbook is so cool! Love the pictures you used too!