Sausalito, California

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wells, Maine

My husband and I  took a little road trip today to pick up some summer furniture at Lowery's in Berwick and then down to York to a friend's campground called Dixon's Campground.  Great place if you want to do some camping, right on Route 1 in York.  My husband, Mark, wants to do some kayaking this summer and his friend, Mike, does kayak excursions.  We ended up at Mike's Clam Shack for lunch in Wells on Route 1.  We haven't been on Route 1 in Wells/Ogunquit/York for many years especially this time of year because of the traffic!!!
I love scallops
But today, it wasn't too bad. The food at Mike's was great, scallops, clams, shrimp, lobster!  You name it, they had it!!  There are so many places to choose but  this was recommended by Mike and Roberta. Excellent recommendation!

Little Waterfall to Mike's Entrance

Route 1 Wells

Sea Mist Entrance
Mark and I stopped to take a picture of the Sea Mist Resort Hotel.  We have a timeshare here but we have never actually stayed here.  We always trade it for another place. We have stayed in Florida, California, Virginia and this summer we are going  back to California to visit my son.  Although, the Sea Mist is a nice place to stay and it is not far from Wells Beach.  Even though the weather wasn't the best today, people in the area were making the best of it. Tomorrow, I hear will be better for all those tourists!


  1. It looks like you guys had a fun day! I love the picture of the food!! YUM...!!! We will have to check out Mike's!!

  2. What a great day!! Russ and I like to take little excursions, too. Today we just hung around the house. The food looks fab.. We will have to give it a try. What did you end up buying for pool furniture? Do we get to see it at the July Fourth party at your house? You are having us over right? I'll call you.. Can't wait..