Sausalito, California

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

Hidden Crocuses
Today is the first day of spring and there is no snow in sight. It is such a beautiful and gorgeous day here in the Northeast.  The temperature today is 72 degrees and it is expected to reach 80 by Thursday.  I was at my sister's house earlier in the week and we found some very pretty crocuses peeking through some ornamental grass.  They are such a pretty violet color.  I have found some hostas starting to come up and some lilacs that are starting to bud.  It is so early for spring here - we are all dumbfounded that it can be some beautiful so early in the season.  And yes, we are thankful. 

Certainly spring!
Another one of my sisters was here visiting this weekend and she brought me this gorgeous bouquet. I am recovering from some surgery and she brought this spring bouquet to brighten my day which she did.  Thanks Adrianne! Perfect spring bouquet!!!