Sausalito, California

Monday, January 29, 2018

Daytona Week

Daytona Boardwalk
Last week at Daytona was fun!  We started out by taking a tour at the Daytona International Speedway, exploring the boardwalk at "The World's Most Famous Beach" and seeing Manatees in their natural habitat at Blue Spring State Park which is located in Orange City.  The weather was very windy some days on the beach but warm.  We did have a few chilly days that I had to break out a sweatshirt! Poor me!  Walks on the beach were always interesting, seeing trucks and cars actually driving on the beach and lots of seagulls and sandpipers!!  Check out my pictures from Daytona Week with the Petersens!

Huge place!

Finish Line goes right into the stands!
Cute little sandpipers!
Seagulls with orange beaks!
Jimmy Buffets new bar in Daytona!
Pier at the Boardwalk
Manatee Mama and baby!
Blue Spring State Park was great seeing a part of Florida that isn't commercial.  Florida has so much to offer and seeing Manatees in their habitat and learning about how they migrate to warmer waters in the winter was very interesting.  Lucky to see this baby with it's mother was too cute.  We met our friends who live in St Cloud, Florida in the winter at the Park and they showed us this park as they have been here many times.  The count for Manatees the day before we came was 275.  They count them every day. So cool!
More Manatees
Most Famous Beach
Mark on the Boardwalk
Daytona at its best!
Bye  Daytona!

We left Daytona Saturday morning and now are heading to Cocoa Beach for a week.  Hoping for good weather for another week as we are picking up our daughter at the airport and then Cocoa here we come!  Check back next week and I'll definitely have more pictures of our week in Cocoa Beach.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Daytona Beach Bound!

Yes!  We made it! Traveling for 2 days from Maine, not that there were any problems but it definitely was worth the wait seeing this morning's sunrise!  Just gorgeous!  Mark and I are going to walk this beach today before we do anything else.  Yesterday when we arrived it was 59 degrees which still was warmer than Maine but today it is supposed to get to 70! Yay!  I am in flip flops and seeing the ocean makes it perfect for me!  Thank you Lindsey for taking care of the homestead, you are a gem! Here are a few pictures of our trip on the way down!!

No traffic over the Tappan Z!

This place was so cool!

What we found at the Antique store!

Perfect Halloween decor!

Love this!

Bridge to Daytona!

Daytona Speedway!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

January Birthday Cards

Last month I purchase from Stampin up the Coffee Cafe bundle and this is the second card I have made.  This one is for my husband who is a coffee drinker and I love all the sayings that you can use for cards. This style card is a Z-fold which worked out perfect for my husband's card.  Inside the card - "Coffee! Coffee! It's our drink, if we don't get it we can't think!"  and I also used "No matter what historians claimed, BC really stand for "Before Coffee"!  Love this set and they give you everything you need, from small cups to the little coffee beans and ice cubes for lattes!!  They even had paper to go with the set but I didn't get it yet (you never know) but it is so cute!!  The paper I used is from Stampin Up - they do have beautiful paper collections!

For the Coffee Addict!
Birthday Girl
The second card I made for a January birthday is another bundle I purchased from Stampin up called Balloon Adventures.  I purchased it a while ago and just realized that it has been retired which is too bad because it is a great set.  You can do so much with it.  I have seen on Pinterest that you can made luminaries with it.  This pop up card is perfect and I used the balloon punch with it.

The ice cream cone was a die that I just got from Spellbinders and it worked great with this card.  Who doesn't like an ice cream cone?  Happy Birthday Betti!

My sisters and I are still working on decorating cookies and our craft day last week was again making cookies.  Below are some pictures of Valentine's Day cookies.  Practice, practice, practice!!

Packaged and ready for friends

Love Spellbinders heart die!

Working on my lips!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Happy 2018!

So here we are again with the group picture for the 17 or 18 time, celebrating together!  These guys make New Year's Eve so much fun!  We always have to have the party favors, hats and, of course, the glasses!!!  This year was all about the frames with embellishments to hold.  Anna always finds the cutest things for the party!  I know I am a little late posting these pictures but Happy New Year Everyone!

The Guys

The Girls
Since our Wedding Anniversary is on December 27th, I have to show the cards that my sisters made for us.  They are very lovely and I hate to put them away.  I love the colors and the beautiful dies that Chris and Connie used which were from Heartfelt Creations--so beautiful!  Thanks again Chris & Tom and Connie & Russ!!

37 years!