Sausalito, California

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Happy Leap Day!

This past week craft day was at my sister's house in Kennebunk. Andrea and I made more of these
cute little purses.  She had the flamingo & wine fabric which I had to make right away.  Because St Patrick's Day is coming up, I had some fabric perfect for that.  Here is the tutorial I used for the measurements but instead of double sided paper, I used fabric with double sided tape to attach to the cardstock.    I think I want to add some charms to the side of the purse to hang down, purse jewelry! Easy to make even when you don't have the die.  I think I posted the link before but here it is again for you to make.        

For my Flamingo Friend

St Patrick's Clovers

Wine, Wine and more Wine!
The top flap I did make a little bigger than what she showed in the tutorial. Mine measures 3 1/2 x 4 and I used an oval die to cut the front. The handle measures 1/2 x 7 inches.  I love the way these came out. I think we may sell them at our next craft fair.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Happy Birthday Emily!

 My friend's granddaughter's birthday is tomorrow so I made her a Frozen themed birthday card.  She along with a lot of little girls just love Frozen!  Olaf, Elsa and Ana are her favorite Disney characters. I found pictures on Pinterest and did my best to use punches to make Elsa and Ana's dresses and Olaf!   Using this accordion style, worked out great to show off each character.  Check out some more pictures below to get a closer look of each panel of her card. Happy Birthday Emily!

The front



Sentiment on the back

Last Thursday, we had Craft day and the 4 of us made these Drop Down Gift box.  We had so much fun.  The Gift box has 3 boxes within 1 box!  Great for birthdays, Christmas, or just any occasion!  Here is the link to make these fun gift boxes.  Have fun making them!

Just love how they all came out!

The sentiment can go in the middle!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

This week has been a busy week making favors for a Valentine's Day dinner tonight at a friend's house.  I made and decorated cookies for these totes to give to the men and I made these little fabric purses for the ladies!  I will link the tutorial I saw on Pinterest for the purses but I made them a little different because I didn't have the die for the purse.  It would have been easier for sure with the die but ....  I made my own templates. 
I used hoop and loop closures for the purses and filled with Lindt chocolates. Check out the tutorial below if you are interested in making them.

Lastly, I made this card for my husband. It is a retired Stampin up set - such a beautiful set! I have been die cutting a lot lately and wanted to do some stamping. 

My Valentine!