Sausalito, California

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Little Easter Baskets

My sister and I made these cute little Easter baskets yesterday for Easter.  Our SU demonstrator, Cathy Britton, showed us how to make them at our last SU party.  Really easy and quick to make.  Just take 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch cardstock and score at 1 1/2 inch and 3 inch mark. Turn the cardstock just on turn  and score again at the same measurements. Then cut on the score lines until the horizontal score line intersects. There should be 2 cuts made. Turn the cardstock 2 turns and do the same.  Your cardstock should look like the picture below---

Then angle the sides of the cut sections as shown below.  You can add the little bunnies to the side and embellish as in the first picture and check out the back of the bunnies in picture also below.

Just add a punch art bunny when basket is completed!

Back of the bunny! Love the tail!
I finished up this card, I know it is early but a friend of mine's name is Betti and she is always putting Betti Boop stuff on FB so I thought I would make her a Memorial Day card.  She is a greeter for troops going and coming out of Portsmouth, NH.  She so good about being there whenever she can to meet and greet the troops.  I will wait and mail this to her with thanks for all she does for our troops!!

I saw the punch art on pinterest and here is a link to the punches that she used.  I changed the curls to a sizzlet I had, I think, called flourishes and I didn't have a lip punch she I used she a small circle.  The card itself opens up so I can add the sentiment inside and the style is a sizzix die, see below for more pictures. The flap was added because the sizzix die didn't seem big enough for the sentiment.  I think it came out pretty good!  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter!!!

Flap added

Sizzix die used


  1. Oh my..the bow tie was the perfect cute. Your directions for the basket are super easy to follow. Betty Boop looks even better in person. I gotta get that die cut. Had loads of fun helping you. So glad we world as a team to help Mom.

  2. The bunnies are so adorable! What a nice idea for an Easter table! I just love the Betty Boop too! Your friend is going to love it!! Cute, Cute!

  3. These are fantastic Rochelle! You and your sisters are so talented and creative :-)

    1. Thanks Donna! We do have a lot of fun together!!!