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Friday, January 9, 2015

Pink for the Baby!

I have finished a pink baby blanket for Nathaniel's,  my nephew, baby daughter who is scheduled to arrive in February.  My sister and Nathaniel's mother-in-law are giving a shower for Kristin next weekend! I started this blanket after Christmas and just finished it this week.    It was a pretty simple pattern but since I haven't been knitting in a while it took me longer than most, I am sure!  Glad I started it when I did because it was nice having a blanket over my lap while I knitted since it has been so cold here in the northeast.  Yesterday morning my car registered -8 and by the time I headed home it had warmed up to 14!!!  It has been a while it has been that cold here in Maine.  We are used to snow but not these cold temperatures!!  Today it was up 28 degrees--much better!!

Here is the baby card to go with the blanket.  This is a cute little punch art baby that I saw on pinterest.  I used circle punches for the head, body and diaper and the arms are legs are the tab punch (shortened a little).  Small circle punches for the curl and eyes as well as the pacifier.  

The inside of the card reads "A new little someone to kiss and to love a happy addition from heaven above".  Thought this was an adorable poem for a new little baby.  She will definitely be loved!!

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  1. Beautiful blanket! Kristin will love it! Your punch art baby is adorable! I love it!